Gerald Warner for US PRESIDENT 2012
My name is Gerald Warner

My Early Life

I have always been proud to be a United States Citizen.
I have lived most of my life here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
I was born in the small town of Snoqualmie, Washington, near Seattle.
I am from what some consider a very large family of 4 sisters, 6 brothers, and 29 nieces and nephews.

In 1973 I graduated early in January from Sehome High School in Bellingham Wa. to join with my father and older brother in a construction business.
Then in December I moved with my family and our construction business to a small town in Idaho called Kendrick. It was a year with two feet of snow and a bone chilling 30 below zero temperature. The locals told us that was nothing as it was 50 below in 1968!!! I was sure glad I missed that one!!!!

My Work Career 

I began working in the construction industry in 1972. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and being outdoors in all kinds of weather, especially spring and fall. My love of architecture began early in school, where I took 7 years of classes in drafting, architecture and shop. I was a teachers aide in architecture, shop, and algebra for my junior and senior years where I gained experience at teaching and overseeing classes. I graduated early from High School to work full time in our construction business. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them to realize their home and business construction dreams.

Scouting in My Life

In the year 1967 my father had a chance to take a job on the island of Oahu and my family was blessed to take a leave of absence, or should I say extended vacation for a year, in one of earth's most beautiful places. It is there I joined Boy Scouts. A year later we returned to the Pacific NW where I continued in Scouts. I was lucky to be a part in starting a troop that continues today. Our Troop was a very experienced oriented group thanks to our volunteer leaders and later proved to be a sought after Troop to be a part of by many. We traveled and participated in many activities including the 1969 World Jamboree at Farragut State Park in Idaho. At this meeting, I remember listening to the radio announcing the first man to ever set foot on the moon, as we all watched up in the sky. This is also where I recieved the Order of the Arrow. After moving to Kendrick I became the Assistant Scoutmaster while my brothers went through their ranks. I took the Scout Oath in 1967 and still today I live by the same code in everything I do. The following oath means everything to me and I can still sound it off when needed:


My Community Activities:

I love the game of baseball. I revived the Babe Ruth team in Kendrick and took the head coaching job. I loved coaching my brothers and their friends and believe it or not there wasn't very many teams in the county. We all piled into two cars and traveled places like Pomeroy, Clarkston, Lewiston, Lapwai, and Potlatch to find games to play.  I moved to Moscow Idaho in 1980, and joined up with a new softball team that didn't have a coach. A friend and I co-coached the team for many years, and today after 30 years I still love playing the game. I coached a women's softball team for about 6 years, then organized, coached, and played on a Co-ed softball team for 25 years. My Co-ed team went on to participate in 3 National Tournaments and in 1996 winning a National Trophy. In 1990's I returned to coaching a Babe Ruth team in Moscow, and I organized, managed, coached and played in the city league volleyball and basketball teams. I enjoy and continue to play today.

My Political Aspirations

What I love about my job today is that I can take someone's dream and make it a reality. I want to take my experience of helping people achieve their dreams and transfer that into the political arena by becoming your next US PRESIDENT in 2012. I am a conservative Independent. I will strive in the direction for positive growth, balanced budgets and cutting the waste. Taxes are a necessary evil because Military Forces, police, fire departments and maintaining roads are so important for the safety of one and all. My job is to protect this country under the constitution we have for the citizens of this GREAT Country and keep it the GREATEST country in the world.
This is why I want to serve the people of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

Please Vote  in the General Election Nov. 6th, 2012

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